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All of the additional functionality you need
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Customisations & Add-ons

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Award Interpreter

Simplifying Award Calculations

Seamlessly integrating with MYOB Greentree’s Payroll Module, the Award Interpreter Application manages and calculates complex salary awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

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HR+ Bulk Emails

Save time and eliminate errors

The new ‘bulk email’ button on all employee and applicant records allows your human resources team to send multiple attachments from that record. All your communications will be tracked via an email log on the employee and applicant record. 

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HR+ Action Plans

Gain better insight into where you are at with your people

With one click you are able to track recruitment, on boarding, performance or termination. Empower your human resources team with the new ‘Action Plans’ button on applicant and employee records. 

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HR+ Applicant Positions

This refresh will make it easier to see where information is sourced from

Rest easy with the addition of the ‘position’ tab to applicant records and an ‘organisation’ field added to the maintenance form.

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