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Connecting your People, Business Process and Technology

Functional Solutions

What We Do

At Quokka.Works, we design solutions that provide advanced functionality and connection to traditional ERP systems.


Expanding on the vast experience we have in developing and implementing MYOB Greentree solutions with a team of web, cloud, mobile and infrastructure specialists, we are building products that help companies work smarter and faster. From seamless licensing platforms to game changing mobile solutions, we are improving traditional processes.

Take a look at what we have been working on. 


Empower your workforce with our Mobile Solution for people on the move

Improving Process

Who We Are

Quokka.Works was conceived with the vision of modernising the functionality of company ERP solutions and the way teams connect.


We’re a team of talented software engineers and solution specialists, driven by an enthusiasm to design solutions that help make business process simpler and enhance ERP systems.


Led by David Sankey, the team at Quokka.Works have been building software and functionality solutions for the MYOB Greentree platform for over 15 years so it was only fitting to forge forward as an enterprise development company in 2018. Starting with the release of our own automated license purchasing system, we continue to modernise traditional processes. Adapting and evolving with new technologies is essential for bigger business to succeed. Our latest mobility solution, nTree, is the first native application built for MYOB Greentree, designed to connect teams and extend the functionality of company ERP software. 

About us Anchor

Changing the way you interact with your ERP software

Our partners

We work alongside MYOB to build solutions that users need, and join with business solution partners to provide them with the functionalities that clients want!

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Contact us

Interested in more information or to see how our solutions can enhance your business process? Email us at or fill in our contact form

15/162 Colin Street

West Perth, WA 6005

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